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Skin Vit C (1x60 caps)

Skin Vit C (1x60 caps)

Protecting our skin is a top priority when relaxing in the sun. Vitamin C, acerola berry and zinc provide protection against oxidative stress (fighting free radicals released by UV rays) and brighten pigment.
Skin Vit C combines three key ingredients: vitamin C, zinc and acerola berry.
Vitamin C - 500mg. Stimulates collagen production, strengthens collagen, strengthens blood vessels, brightens the skin, protects the skin, has an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts the immune system.
Zinc - 2mg. Improves the quality of collagen fibers, makes hair and nails longer and stronger and protects the skin against oxidative stress.
Acerola berry - 55mg. This berry contains 50 to 100 times more vitamin C than oranges or lemons, inhibits the breakdown of collagen, reduces pigment production by 45% and protects your cells against oxidative stress.
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